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craft beer south-africa ,and cape province, for a beer experience in Orania.Orania Grootrivier craft beer brewery is located in the unique Karoo town, Orania. For a unique Orania experience or for the connoisseur who want to relax in Orania and want to enjoy the hospitality that just an Orania craft beer brewer can offer. With its unique tastes of three high-quality products, brewed to perfection with mouth-watering full body flavours to hit every taste bud. Orania Grootrivier Brewery offers 3 boutique beer products named Piet, Jan and Koos.

All three Orania brewed craft beers, with its own personality, will knock-out the strongest men with joy and cosiness. The owner Mr Robert Combrinck is an experienced craft beer maker and Orania resident with many years of knowledge. Orania craft beer brewery offers you an enjoyable and social event where we socialise with laughter and joy in the unique personality and character as the three historical names assigned to the beer suggested. At Orania Grootrivier Craft beer brewery every visitor comes to know more of the Orania experience and hospitality that only Orania can offer.

Enjoy a Orania Jan!

beer brewery Orania, beer brewery South AfricaOrania Grootrivier beer brewery introduce to every curious tourist, Orania resident or novice beer brewer its three beer products.

Orania brewery, South Africa Brewery While the craft beer names are assigned to South Africa history national hero's. We therefore need to begin our story with Jan van Riebeecks arrival in the Cape.

Our first product to introduce is named Jan van Riebeeck or, as the local Orania residents calls it, the good old Jan! Not only did Jan Van Riebeeck tame the Cape of Good Hope, but also find its final resting place here in Orania as the Giant of the Upper Karoo.

Here where OOM JAN, the traditional pale ale, can gladly ignore the appointed Zulu king's comments whilst he leaves every beer connoisseur with joy. With its slight bitterness  the Jan van Riebeeck, proud Orania crafted beer, quench every visitor's thirst, as the Zulu king give up the fight with bitterness, for the debt of an enjoyable Orania beer experience weigh heavy on Oom Jan's conscience.

Enjoy a Piet for those Orania summer days!

Orania Grootrivier craft beer products Just as this Orania leisure and entertainment move further on through history, and the Orania beer brewer's story bring us to the days of the great trek, we find the character Uncle Piet Retief.

Just as Orania Grootrivier craft beer brewer with its manifesto, has come to enjoy the peace and happiness of the foreign Karoo, likewise is this PietOrania beer tour Retief craft beer, the governor with a plan to take action.

With his wagon and the lead given by oom Jan comes this unique Ale beer, hand-made from beukenhout smoked grain, brewed to perfection for those camping evenings. With an extra kick for those hot Orania Karoo summer days or for extra warmth on those cold Orania Karoo nights. Just make sure the wagon laager is ready.

Enjoy a Koos and do the Orania lion roar!

South Africa Beer tours in OraniaShould the Boers and the historical drinks  drive the Orania Grootrivier brewery's cosy atmosphere to a ultimatum, Orania boutique beer brewery we  then fetch one of the  a great Boer Generals named, Uncle Koos De La Rey.

When this General named the lion of the upper Karoo, raise his voice and roar, it brings us this fine Irish Red Ale. With its roast caramel flavours it tends to let you think back to the sweetness of honey and milk.

And just as General De la Rey always warned and calmed down his men in battle, likewise is this Orania craft beer and like the General's unique softness this Orania craft beer come to give a slight warning.

Be careful, for if you let this Orania craft beer flow, then General Koos De la Rey, with his Mauser, will certainly take out any one of his stallion!

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